AS213092 - Autonomous System information

Our public network is a pure ipv6 multi-homed system. Our network is delivered by a blend of physical and virtual/overlayed equipment for global reach. The internet is changing, IPv6 is helping to drive that change, by delivering our network as Pure v6 we are commiting to drive that change forward.

Peering Policy

We operate a generally open peering policy in a number of locations, via physical (ethernet and fiber), virtual (OpenVPN, IPSec) and logical (GRE, EoIP, VxLAN) circuits.

All requests: peering[at]; peering[at]; peering[at]

IP Space

We operate both Provider Aggregated (PA) and Provider Independent (PI) space. Your peering should, unless otherwise prevented, accept both assignment types from us. Our output filters contain only IP space we own, operate or are otherwise authorised to announce.